Our Story

Established 2018


Anthony Leigh was established and created to enhance the ever growing boutique industry for both men, women, & youth clients.

Partners Ryan ANTHONY Lynch and Coltyn LEIGH Miller envisioned a small unique boutique shop in small towns where men's fashion was at a minimum and a sense of community was at a premium. Ryan, a commercial airline pilot, and Coltyn, a non-profit enthusiast, began their journey in Auburn, Indiana. They opened their first store in May 2018. The two have a huge passion for helping others, specifically young entrepreneurs. Therefore, each venture they tackle, they put mentoring youth and community at their forefront. In June 2018, they opened their second store in Angola, Indiana. The two realized that while men's clothing was at a minimum, they were going to keep their quality and introduced a women's line as well called Amelia Janae, name coming from Coltyn's sisters, Shiloh AMELIA Miller and Myca JANAE Miller. The two utilized vendors from all over the world as well as custom work they have created for their brand. They are always eager to hear from their clients, as they typically in one of there locations throughout the week. They cannot wait to expand there brand across Indiana.